Merry Christmas

Because of work, I was away from home until just before Christmas.  I was a bit sad that I wasn’t going to have a Christmas tree this year, or much else in the way of a traditional celebration.  Somehow, my wife picked up on my mood, and surprised me with this:

Piper Reindeer cropped 50

On top of that, my parents made a late change of plans, and came up to visit us.  So, I’ve had a great Christmas and I hope all of you have as well.  Merry Christmas!

side note:  Maybe I’ve just been spending too much time with grinches, but I hear people complain about Christmas music on television ads and on store loudspeakers.  I’ve spent almost no time watching TV or shopping this year, but when I’ve seen them, I’ve found the holiday ads a refreshing change.  Normally, I grab for the remote to change the channel or mute the TV when ads come on, but I haven’t done so with the Christmas ads.  I know they’re just trying to encourage more shopping, but I find the happy people/families buying gifts for others a refreshing change from whatever it is advertisers normally think they’re showing.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the big things (religion, family) and little things (food, music, gifts) this Christmas as much as I have.


  1. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks. Hope you had a good one.

  2. Belated Merry Christmas!

    Glad you had a better time than you were expecting. We went to a Christmas Eve service and it was great. And it lasted strictly one hour, which was the perfect amount of time 🙂

    1. Glad you had a nice Christmas Eve. Around here, you have to plan way in advance and get tickets to get into any church’s service, so we didn’t make it this year. Next year I’ll try to plan better.

      1. Huh, I have NEVER lived in an area like that (for church services I mean). I’m not sure if it would be nice or if my cynical side would take over :-/

        1. I should have mentioned that the tickets are free. It’s a method they’ve adopted to keep because so many people want to go to church on Christmas Eve.

          1. Sorry, I was referring to the number of people, not the ticket thing.

  3. Love the photo! Glad to hear ye had a good holiday.
    x The Captain

    1. I’m not sure the dog liked having her photo taken, but it sure cheered me up!

  4. Glad you had a nice Christmas.

    1. Thanks, it was a needed break from work.

  5. The busier you are, the more enjoyable the Christmas season is, in my experience.

    1. A few days off work has been a relief, but hopefully next year I’ll test your theory and try Christmas with a less hectic lead-in!

  6. It’s never too late for some holiday wishes, especially when offered by such a delightful picture 😀
    Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Thanks, I hope you had a great time!

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