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Professional Courtesy

Originally posted on Inconsistent Pacing:
The first time was a shock. The zip came down, and there I was, dead eyes staring up at me. I was sick, noisily, in a bin. It was only the second time I’d been sick at work, ever – the first was a floater, a corpse that had been…

Magazine: Galaxy’s Edge Jul 2015

Galaxy’s Edge Magazine – Issue 15 I’m shuffling through snowdrifts towards a Himalayan mountaintop temple. Why does it always have to be a mountaintop temple? Why can’t it be the ‘temple next to the burger king’? The wind dies down for a moment, giving me a glimpse of my goal through the blowing snow. Or […]

Goodbye, Little Girl

Warning: this post rambles and contains very little science fiction content. In my previous post, I inadvertently gave people the impression that I would quit blogging. The post was actually about the end of my latest career and my move from Catfish City, where I put up with backstabbing, theft, and fraud for three years. […]