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young dragons

Today, I have a few links to outside content for you.  The most important is a call for submissions from Misha Burnett for a new anthology titled “Young Dragons”.  This is a unique opportunity if you are a new or aspiring fantasy author, as stories are only being accepted from authors who haven’t been published before.

If you’re an unpublished author who writes fantasy (or would like to give it a shot), I highly recommend you take advantage of this.  Even more important than the chance to get published is Misha’s offer to provide useful feedback on the submissions.  Few editors take the time to give feedback, and when they do, it’s often minimal.  Misha has probably put as many hours into writing and thinking about writing as anyone out there, and I’m betting he can give you some insight.

Storyhack Five

Next up, a couple of reviews of Issue Five of StoryHack Magazine, which includes my very first (but hopefully not last) published story.  I haven’t read these, because I haven’t written my own review of the issue yet and I like to avoid the influences of other reviewers before I write.

Review of StoryHack Issue Five at SFcrowsnest

Review of StoryHack Issue Five at Pulp Fiction Reviews

Let me know if you run across any others, or write one yourself!

Finally, most of you have probably heard that Uncle Hugo’s, possibly the most famous science-fiction bookstore in the entire country (or world?), was burned to the ground during the riots in Minneapolis.  Many books were destroyed which can never be replaced, such as out-of-print titles and copies of books signed by now-deceased authors, but there is a gofundme campaign to help the owner rebuild.  He is considering rebuilding on-site, moving to a new location, or converting to an online-only business.  I hope he will choose one of the options in a safer location.


  1. Oh man, when I heard about Uncle Hugo’s, I was saddened. While not a Library of Alexandria, any book store with first editions and unique signed copies is something important.

    I’ve often wondered if there is a special place in hell for those who maliciously destroy books…

    1. We probably only know about this because we read as a hobby. It makes me think about how many other small-scale tragedies are happening that we may never hear of.

  2. That sucks about Uncle Hugo’s. I’ve been invited to contribute to an anthology again this year. I have my draft finished, and my critique group looked it over for me. I’ll probably read through it next weekend, then submit it.

    1. That’s great, I’ve always enjoyed your short stories.

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