Submit Your 2017 Nominations

Planetary Awards

Happy New Year — it’s time to nominate your favorite science fiction and fantasy writing for the 2017 Planetary Awards.

We’re again doing only two categories:

  1. Shorter story (under 40,000 words/160 paperback pages)
  2. Longer story (novels)

If you’re a blogger, podcaster, or youtuber, the nomination process is easy:

  1. State your nominations on your site/cast/channel, mentioning that they are for the Planetary Awards
  2. Leave a comment on this post, with a link to your nominations

The nomination deadline is February 14th, 11:59PM US Pacific time.

Good luck to all of 2017’s authors.  Don’t forget to spread the word to other reviewers!

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  1. […] contest is promoted by PLANETARY DEFENSE COMMAND and you can go HERE and learn how to list and promote your “darlings” – which is quite easy on the technical […]

  2. Here are my nominations:

    Novel: AGE OF ASSASSINS by RJ Barker
    Shorter Work: ACADIE by Dave Hutchinson

    Thanks for hosting these awards, and the best stories win! 🙂

    1. Thanks for nominating. I’ve reblogged your post on the Planetary Awards site.

  3. […] January means that it’s time to start thinking about awards season.  And when it comes to sci-fi, the hot new award on the block is the Planetary Awards. […]

  4. Ska-doosh!

    Novel: Legionnare by Nick Cole and Jason Anspach
    Short Story: The Last America by Schuyler Hernstrom

  5. […] Awards announcement here. […]

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