Christmas Science Fiction

I didn’t have time to get each of you that present you really wanted, so instead I browsed Amazon for some Christmas-related science fiction:

Last January, I reviewed Merry Christmas, Mr. Babbers

mr babbers

In April, I reviewed The Mighty Peculiar Incident at Muddy Creek, which is not Christmas-themed, but the author has another short story which is:

midnight clear

Here’s are some short story collections, some with well-known authors, others without:

cosmic Christmas Yuletide Universe
Strange Christmas Deck the Halls

It’s hard for me to think of two things that go together less than Christmas and zombies, but some people obviously disagree:

ZombieXmas1 ZombieXmas2
ZombieXmas3 ZombieXmas4

On the other hand, Christmas and time travel do seem to go together:


If you’re into steampunk, here are a few stories that might be of interest:

st1 st2 st3
st4 st5 st6

Here is a random assortment of other sci-fi stories which have a connection to Christmas:

x1 x2 x3
x4 x5 x6
x7 x8 x9
x10 x11 x12
x13 x14 x15
x16 x17 x18
x19 x20 x21
x22 x23 x24
x25 x26 x27

I hope you’ve found an interesting Christmas story to read, or at least enjoyed the cover art. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Well, it seems that wordpress didn’t like that post, and won’t put it in any reader feeds; I’m guessing it has too many Amazon links, and has been declared spam!

    Let me know if you manage to locate this post, which now appears to be more of an Easter egg than a Christmas message!

    1. Oh, huh. I didn’t notice the post in feeds, but as part of my normal routine of going around to the usual sites to read. Hm.

      1. Well, I hope it’s just the post and not the whole blog that’s been flagged as spam, we’ll see with my next post.

  2. Hi PDC, I can see the posts but not the links. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. […] Christmas Eve, I posted a list of Christmas-Themed Science Fiction, which included a large number of links to Amazon. Unfortunately, while images of book covers are […]

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