Hall of Dung

Dung Beetle

In the Hall of Dung, you will find the stories (and possibly other things) which the Planetary Defense Command has given a worthless (1/4) rating. If he didn’t need to warn you about these stories, the Commander would get in his time machine and warn himself not to read them. Instead, he uses genetically-engineered dung beetles to ball them up and roll them away.

From here, you may enter the Hall of Dung (read the reviews)

You can also learn more about the four tier ranking system.


One comment

  1. I have posted my own sentries to warn me of approaching genetically engineered goon assassins coming to ball my work away…”Danger will robinson!!!”

    Cheers for browsing over my $1 bargain bookstall – space pirates- gotta love ’em 🙂

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