Television: Ghosted


Frequent readers of this blog know that I’ve been watching less and less TV every year, as I find fewer and fewer programs that interest me.  But, in one of those late-night moments where I was too tired to do any work, but not tired enough to go to bed, I browsed my cable company’s TV listings and found “Ghosted”.

Ghosted is basically The X-files done as a goofy comedy.  Or, maybe a better description would be the The X-files crossed with The Office.  I watched the entire series (it was canceled after one season) and many of the episodes made me laugh out loud.  What makes a good comedy is much more subjective than what makes a good mystery or thriller, so I’m curious to hear if any of you enjoyed this show as much as I did.  My wife basically makes Grumpy Cat face at it.

I’ll give you one example of the humor, which wasn’t the most laugh-out-loud funny moment in the show, but still something I found rather clever.  Originally, only a partial season was produced, then several new episodes were added, so there was a months-long break in airing the show.  The first of the new episodes opened with all of the characters sitting around the office saying things like ‘Guh, I am sooooo bored.  We haven’t done anything in months.’  OK, I probably didn’t make that sound funny.  That’s what you get when a non-comedian tries to relay comedy.

I also enjoyed something about the show that I don’t really have the knowledge or vocabulary to describe.  I guess it was something about the actors or the acting, their “screen presence”?  I enjoyed watching the characters, even the ones who were intentionally annoying.  Sometimes I watch part of a show or movie, and feel like I can’t stand to look at the actors’ faces any more.  Maybe that’s when they’re trying too hard to be serious, which of course didn’t happen in Ghosted.

The short episodes really worked for me as well.  I’m guessing they were made to fit into a thirty-minute time slot, which means twenty minutes if you’re able to skip commercials.  I’d watch during a meal, and when the meal’s over, the show’s over, and I could go about my business.  Or, I could watch right before bed, without staying up too long.

I wonder if a combination of shorter shows and ad-skipping will lead to micro-advertisements in the future, like the ones I’ve heard about in televised European soccer games.  A guy holds up a pack of Mentos and says “Mentos, it’s good” and that’s the entire ad.  Youtube especially needs ads like this.

If you’ve seen Ghosted before, leave me a comment and let me know if you found it funny.  If you haven’t seen it, tune in your Netflixer, or whatever doohickey you kids are using these days to watch the talking pictures, and give it at shot.  Either way, leave me a comment if you have an opinion on the appropriate length for a TV show.


  1. Now, I want to see this

    1. Let me know if you like it!

  2. With a hyperactive toddler running around, we rarely have any time (or energy) left for anything other than a 40′ series. And sometimes all we can manage is a 20′ one. So I hear you when it comes to a TV show’s length (don’t even suggest a movie): less is more!

    1. I understand. I’ve had several movies on my recorder for more than a month, and haven’t had time to watch them.

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