2017 Winners

Planetary Awards

The 2017 results are in:

The winner for best shorter story is “The First American” by Schuyler Hernstrom.  The story is in issue #5 of Cirsova Magazine.

Cirsova 5

This follows Hernstrom’s victory for best shorter story of 2016.

The winner for best novel is Legionnaire (Galaxy’s Edge) by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole.


This year, we’re also awarding an honorable mention/runner-up/silver medal in each category:

Jody Lynn Nye is recognized for the short story “Trouble in an Hourglass”, found in Straight Outta Tombstone.


Robert Kroese is recognized for the novel Out of the Soylent Planet.

out of the soylent planet

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the bloggers who nominated and voted.  As you read great stories during 2018, keep them in mind for the next Planetary Awards!

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  1. Man, all that work, and that’s it? I thought maybe there’d be a Caribbean cruise giveaway or something 😉

    Now, in all seriousness, do you enjoy doing that kind of reading/work?

    1. In theory, I don’t have to do much, as it’s voting by the blogging community. I always end up doing a good bit of searching and reading before making my own nominations, since I don’t tend to read current-year stuff otherwise. I ended up doing some DNFs, but found some good stuff as well.

      I also try to read other bloggers’ nominated works. I ended up reading a few things I didn’t like from the 2015/2016 awards, but that’s OK, because they were by authors I was curious about and now I can scratch them off my list. Also gave me some ammo to write some blistering reviews someday, when I catch up on my to-write list.

      As far as the works mentioned above, I’m reading Legionnaire right now, and it’s surprisingly good. I’m looking forward to issue 5 of Cirsova. I had held off reading it because there were some plans to do an audio version, but those fell through. I’ve read the Straight Outta Tombstone anthology, for my next blogging project once I’m done with magazines, and I’m planning to try Out of the Soylent Planet soon.

  2. […] Cirsova Magazine issue number five, which has a story by Schuyler Hernstrom that just picked up a Planetary Award. Check it […]

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