2017 Planetary Award Nominees

The reblog function on WordPress has been broken for several days, so I’m cutting and pasting the nominees below.  If you’re a blogger, podcaster, or youtuber, and would like to cast a vote, go to the Planetary Awards Site.

Nominees for Best Short Story or Novella:

Acadie” by Dave Hutchinson

The Bitten Body” by AC Spahn

“Death on the Moon” by Spencer Hart, found in Cirsova issue #6

“The First American” by Schuyler Hernstrom, found in Cirsova issue #5

“The Pilot” by Andrew Mayne, found in Predator: If It Bleeds

“Trouble in an Hourglass” by Jody Lynn Nye, found in Straight Outta Tombstone

Nominees for Best Novel:

Age of Assassins” by RJ Barker

Good to the Last Drop” by Declan Finn

The Guns Above” by Robyn Bennis

Kings of the Wyld” by Nicholas Eames

Legionnaire” by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole

Out of the Soylent Planet” by Robert Kroese

The Rogue Prince” by Lindsay Buroker


  1. Kings of wyld hands down. Only book ive read on this list but I loved it. Author even liked my review on GR, never happend before.

    1. It’s also the only novel I’ve read off the list. It was a lot of fun, that’s why I nominated it!

      I’ll try to check out a few of the others when I get a chance, though.

  2. The two novels on the list that I have read–Age of Assassins and The Guns Above–are both excellent.

    1. I saw your reviews of each of those, but haven’t read them yet because I thought they might be a bit YA for me.

      I’d promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more audiobooks until I cleared out the backlog of ones I’d bought on sale, but I might have to go ahead and grab these ones.

      1. Age of Assassins is a little YA-y. The Guns Above isn’t YA-y at all.

        1. I’ll put Guns Above higher in my queue, then.

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