Magazine: Alien Dimensions #12

alien dimensionsAlien Dimensions #12

Short Stories

Antlions by Elana Gomel.  First contact with some unusual aliens.  They get jealous when a human man gets too friendly with one of their females.

The Exchange by Neil Hogan.  The main character is a woman whose job is first contact with aliens — by having sex with them.  Part of her training to do this was having sex with a dolphin.  Her latest assignment is a species covered in spines like a sea urchin.  Did I somehow get hold of a themed human-alien sex issue of this magazine?

Hues of Living Green by Russell Hemmell.  This story didn’t have any overt interspecies sex, but I think there were some hints.

Home is Where Your Hearts Are by Danielle Davis.  A blob-like alien crash-lands on Earth, and is horrified because Earth is a preserve for humans, and there are severe penalties for trespassing there.  The blob takes the form of a sheep to stay hidden.  Since the story takes place on a sheep farm, I refuse to even consider whether there was sexual innuendo in this one.

Touch by Nicky Martin.  A mad scientist thrills the world with his artificial organs and skin grafts, but he has a sinister plan … I mean, a sinister plan besides probably having sexual attraction to some gobs of his artificial skin.  At least the sexual weirdness served a purpose in this case, making the scientist even creepier than his sinister plan already made him.

Old World Problems by Eddie Moore.  Aliens complicate a PI’s investigation into a cheating spouse.  In a refreshing twist, all the sexual innuendo was between humans in this one.

Found on Proxima B by Priya Sridhar.  At first, I thought this was a story about a four-year-old girl pretending to pilot a shuttle, but it turned out to be about a twelve-year-old girl flying a shuttle to save her friend.  It doesn’t seem like that plot leaves much room for sex references, but I’d have to re-read the story to be sure.


  1. Oh, gosh, this one sounds AWFUL!!!!!

    1. The mad scientist story was above-average. The others were average or below. I’ve actually given 16 other magazines scores lower than this one, if you can believe it.

  2. You know, stories with beastiality USED to be outlawed…

  3. Um, wow. This is proof that not every idea that comes into our minds should be written down.

    1. Makes me wonder what ideas they did filter out.

      1. Ha ha, makes the brain feel dirty.

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