NaNoWriMo progress

I haven’t put any new reviews up in the last couple of weeks, because I’ve been working nights and weekends, counting inventory battling the forces of bad science fiction, and I can’t seem to shake the cold I caught on the plane home from South America the PDC was hit by a biological weapons attack.  I have been making progress on my NaNoWriMo goal, though.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (unimaginative titles are my own, awesome titles were suggested by my twitter followers):

Don’t Ask, Don’t Teleport — An alien posing as a human in the ruins of an alien city is drafted into the military.

S.T. the Subterrestrial — An alien, the last of his species, is hiding deep underground in an abandoned mine when he develops superpowers.

Survival of the Fluffiest — An elderly cat lady, guarding a secret rebel base while the rebels are away on a mission, wipes out an entire alien race.  Do the aliens resemble mice or small birds?  Are her cats the size of saber-toothed tigers?  You’ll have to read my novel to find out.

Middle of Nowhere — A bitter veteran, just home from the war, moves to a ghost town to get away from people, but is hunted by a serial killer.

Who’s a Good Boy? — A fortune is deposited into the Tokyo bank account of a genetically-enhanced German Shepherd.  Did someone deposit the money to draw attention to something?  To keep the money out of someone else’s hands?  You’ll have to read my novel to find out.

Zen and the Art of Missile Maintenance — A buddhist monk moves into an abandoned missile silo for a life of quiet contemplation, only to discover a war criminal is hiding out there.

Sabbatical at Sea — A university professor joins a religious cult on a ghost ship.

The Big Freeze — A sumo wrestler discovers he is immortal while on a trip to Antarctica.

The Space Wheel is a Mean Consort — A brain in a jar is caught up in a military coup aboard a space station.

The Rise and Fall of the Somalian Empire — An alcoholic ship captain, put ashore in a third-world hellhole, travels forward in time.  My original title for this one was “It Can’t Get Any Worse”.

Silicon Nightmares — An astronaut who crash-lands in the Sahara desert must deal with malfunctioning robots to survive.

Number One — A teen pop star finds true love in a busy spaceport.

Moonball — A washed-up ex-athlete is falsely accused of a crime on the moon.

Cop of the Class — A rookie cop receives an undercover assignment to an all-girls school, and is elected class president.

Deeper Than Hell — A big-game hunter on a nuclear submarine is possessed by a demon.  A big-game hunter on a nuclear submarine might sound crazy, but he uses the submarine to hunt Kraken.  See, not crazy at all.

End Game — A paroled criminal competes in a dangerous sporting event at a secret government research facility.

Cage Match — a hitman is doing time in a maximum-security prison when it is overrun by a horde of rats.  This has been the most popular story by far.  I can see why:  a horde of rats is scary by itself, but put in a setting where the character has limited access to weapons and restricted movement, it’s double-triple scary.  I wanted to use the title suggestion “Rat and Mouse”, but “Cage Match” was the fan favorite.

Thanks to C. S. Boyack, Demented ButterflyFuturist Dog, Mountain Navy, Johnny O’SullivanJon Mollison, Broadswords and Blasters, and Chaos Nova Writing for the chosen title suggestions.

Honorable mention to Ramon Rozas III, , Bazz and Bazz, Daniel Cornwall, Marie Gilbert, Alfred Genesson, Dan Ruffolo, Nadine Little, Joshua Dorne, Dean McSmith, NJ Crosskey, and Phil Williams.

For all of you authors out there planning to steal these story ideas, here’s the retaliation you can expect from me:  I’ll mention your story on the blog and/or twitter, causing strange people you’ve never heard of to read your work.  You have been warned.


  1. I actually started on the “A buddhist monk moves into an abandoned missile silo for a life of quiet contemplation, only to discover a war criminal is hiding out there.” story.

    My working title is “Tin Saints”

    1. I’m curious to see what you’ll do with it!

  2. Kung Fu Space Barbarian · · Reply

    I’m a little behind on my nanowrimo goal but I’m hoping to catch up before the end of the month. I missed a few days and now it’s a frantic race!

  3. Well, I like Who’s a Good Boy but I’m easy swayed by genetically enhanced pets.

    I haven’t got any NaNoWriMo projects, but I’ve got a bunch of excuses to use to explain why not.

    1. I’m also partial to genetically-enhanced pets.

      I’ll put up a post in early December with my own excuses for lack of progress.

  4. […] over, and I achieved my NaNoWriMo goal of 30 novels in 30 days.  I posted about my first 17 novels earlier, here are the remaining […]

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