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thepossibleposterThe Possible

Last weekend, I posted a blistering review of Uncanny Magazine. I used the phrases “nonsense, bordering on gibberish” and “scatterbrained babbling”, and that was just on the first story. So, I thought I’d write something positive tonight. This movie popped into my head for no apparent reason. Although it involves time travel, it would be a stretch to call it science fiction.

I saw “The Possible”, a Thai movie (with English subtitles), in 2006 when it was in theaters in Bangkok. It was my first Thai movie, and I didn’t have high expectations. Now, I know that Hollywood has a better brand name and a better distribution network, but other countries come up with stories as good as, or better than, Hollywood’s.

The movie is about a popular Thai band in 1970’s Bangkok. They are jerks. They heckle a less-established band while it performs at a nightclub. A young boy, their most devoted fan, asks for an autograph on his arm, and a band member writes “you are so annoying”.

During a performance, a magical doohickey transports several band members 30 years into the future. They have a bunch of misunderstandings because Bangkok has changed, and their hijinks get them thrown in jail a couple of times. They are bailed out by their devoted fan, now a middle-aged man.

They decide the way to get back to their own time is to hold another concert at the same theater (now closed and run down) and use the doohickey again. They gather the aged band members who didn’t time-travel, except for one who died due to alcoholism, never getting to know his young daughter. They have tryouts for his position, and his daughter shows up, with his instrument. Her playing is atrocious, but they choose her.

They get back to the 1970’s, and a lot of heartwarming stuff happens. A band member erases “you are so annoying” from their fan’s arm, and replaces it with something like ‘you are so awesome’. They call him up on stage during their concert and announce he’s the new band manager. They go on tour with the less-established band, sharing equal billing. They stop the alcoholic band member’s drinking, so he can be there for his daughter.

The movie was funny, uplifting, and somehow stuck in my memory for over ten years.


  1. Wow. That sounds like a really good movie.

    1. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!

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