Fairy Apocalypse

I came home from work and discovered that faeries had built little mushroom-houses in my garden.



As the faeries have built homes, I’m declaring this a level 3 infestation. The protocols for responding to a level 3 infestation are so severe that, long ago, I had them placed in a sealed envelope, then erased from my memory. I’m unsealing the envelope now.

Word on the street is that “Fairy Apocalypse” is going to be the hot new SFF sub-genre in 2017. If you’ve written a fairy apocalypse book, give me a call. I’d like to be your literary agent. If you haven’t written a fairy apocalypse book yet, you’d better get in now, before the market is flooded.


  1. Honestly I have always wanted to do a post-supernatural-apocalypse novel. Ilona Andrews’ “Magic Bites” series is one of very few I can think of.

    1. I’m seeing a lot of positive reviews on that one, I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Awesome, I shall start outlining right away.

  3. Sounds like a plan – I’ll get on it!

  4. Actually have my crazy fairy story all lined up. It just needs a couple details like plot and character and incident and writing.

    1. You can just fill that in with glitter.

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