Last Week

I was on vacation in Maine last week. I logged in here, posted a pre-written article, and responded to a few comments, but otherwise stayed away from email and blogs.


I’ll write up a full travelogue of my trip this weekend or next week, including a few photos. The alien rover has already broadcast one image, and more are likely, although the rover’s software isn’t very good at interpreting what it sees.

A couple of things popped up while I was away…

If you’re a science-fiction blogger, or follow many sci-fi blogs, then you’re probably familiar with SC Flynn, since he conducted a comprehensive series of interviews with sci-fi bloggers, including me.

He’s now publishing his novel, Children of the Different, and I’m currently listening to an advance copy in audiobook form. You can buy it at Audible now, or pre-order it at Amazon for delivery to your Kindle on September 10th.

Children of the DifferentExpect a review here next month, and hopefully after that, an interview with the author.

Over at Amid the Imaginary, Anela Deen is giving away a Kindle Fire as a promotion for her Insurrection sci-fi series.


That’s all I have for now, since I was busy last week enjoying the forests, mountains, and ocean. Over the remaining weeks of this year, I plan to continue my magazine quest, review a few more novels, describe another sci-fi setting, hopefully conduct a couple of author interviews, and possibly write some microfiction.


  1. Thanks for the mention, William

  2. Sounds like a great place to vacation. I look forward to tales of lobster and drawn butter.

    1. There should be a few lobster appearances.

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