Free David Drake

David Drake isn’t in prison (as far as I know) – I’m referring to free David Drake ebooks at Amazon. I don’t know if these are permanently free or short-term promotions, so grab them now if you want them. Several of the books are also available as audiobooks at audible; once you have the ebook in your Amazon account, you can buy the audiobook for just $1.99 at audible.

The “Hammer’s Slammers” series is probably the work Drake is best known for. It’s sci-fi, but draws on Drake’s real-life experience in an armored unit during the Vietnam War. I think I read some Hammer’s Slammers stories decades ago, but I’ll have to look at them again to refresh my memory.

Tank Lords

The Tank Lords

I’ve just finished the tenth book in Drake’s “RCN” series, and I thought I was finished, but an eleventh book is coming out this summer. I plan to post a review of the entire series soon.

RCNWith the Lightnings

I’m not familiar with these other books by Drake, but I’ll be checking them out soon:

Seas of VenusThe Seas of Venus



Sea HagThe Sea Hag

Old NathanOld Nathan

NorthworldNorthworld Trilogy


  1. Reblogged this on Nicholas C. Rossis and commented:

    A great opportunity to catch up on your David Drake!

  2. As far as I know, they’re free forever. Baen (Drake’s main publisher) tends to make series start and some standalone books for their authors free, to encourage readers to try them out and read more.

    1. That’s good. I’ll have to see what other free Baen books are out there. I know Monster Hunter International is one of them.

      1. Yes, that’s a great one.

  3. I’m intrigued by “Seas of Venus.” I’d be very interested to know how Venus would have seas.

    1. During the time period between when astronomers saw cloud cover on Venus and when probes showed it was a nasty habitat, there was a bunch of sci-fi depicting Venus as having lots of jungles, or oceans, or both. I think people still write stories with that sort of Venus as a setting, as a retro thing. I’ll probably read Drake’s version some time this year.

      I say we Terraform Venus and make it a reality! What do we need, some bacteria that can eat sulphuric acid and spit out oxygen?

      1. I did a post about terraforming Venus a while back. Something like genetically modified Cyanobacteria could start converting Venus’s CO2 into oxygen. That would cut down on Venus’s runaway greenhouse effect. And as the temperature drops, the sulfur cycle should stop on its own.

        1. Yes, I remember. I think your idea was to give the cyanos some temp/acid resistance genes.

          Here’s the post if others want to see it:

          I keep forgetting the rotation issues…

        2. Oh, I also forgot the part of your post where the sulfur problems could self-correct….

          I also liked your floating cities post:

          1. I’m very fond of the floating cities idea. Reminds me of Cloud City from Star Wars.

  4. Thank you so much for letting me know. I will be taking full advantage of this great offer 😉

    The Science Geek

  5. I always thought David Drake was a pen name for someone else, for some reason! Great spot on the freebies, thanks for sharing (and for the follow!)

    1. You’re welcome. I’ll start the latest RCN book soon, and hopefully next month I’ll post about the series.

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