Short Story Writing Contest: Winning Story

I was one of three judges for a writing contest hosted by Anela at Amid the Imaginary. Visit her blog to check out the winning story and congratulate its author.

Amid The Imaginary

The Kiss of High Treason

The chosen writing prompt Chosen writing prompt: Knight

To this day, words still whispered of the dark place concealed in the enchanted forest and the ancient secrets contained inside. Ariella had spent hours penetrating the thicket of oaks and silver birches hoping to uncover her one true desire. She knew the consequences for sneaking out so late unattended, but her rebellious streak overruled her ability to obey. They were always trying to control her. Training they called it. Soon, it wouldn’t matter anyway. Soon, all that would be a thing of the past.

Retracting her cloak’s hood, Ariella’s mouth fell as she beheld the rainbow of stained glass adorning the stone archway. She identified where to go once she’d passed through the lofty entrance and with grace slinked up the steep, crumbling stairs. Her skirt suspended above her ankles and she trod with vigilant footsteps. The charcoal organza of…

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