Not good enough for fantasy

Wizard dog

After I make a blog post, I always check what other people are posting under the tags and categories I’ve used. My own post appears at or near the top of the feed, except when I use the tag “fantasy”, under which my posts never appear. It’s like there’s a WordPress Fantasy Wizard who’s decided I’m not good enough. I’m good enough for science fiction, book review, mad scientist, beluga whale, and even xenoarchaeology, but I’m not good enough for fantasy.

Perhaps my fellow bloggers have some insight into this situation. I’m only putting one tag and one category on this post, to test whether there’s some relationship between the number of tags/categories you use, and whether you’re allowed to play in the cool kid areas.

In unrelated news:

My first full post in my magazine quest used a number of cultural references, mostly British. I realized that everyone might not be familiar with those references when my wife read the post and looked at me like I’d written gibberish.

The use of the number 42 comes from the work of Douglas Adams, in which he has a supercomputer answer the question of the meaning of life with the number 42. The scene with the knight on the bridge is an homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Even placing the archives on basement level 51 was a nod to Area 51.

In even more unrelated news:

I’ve recently started a new job, which I’m really happy with. I’m shuffling around my non-work activities, trying to find a new equilibrium, and by observing which activities I drop off my schedule when I’m under time pressure, I’ve discovered that my priorities are as follows, with the most important on top:

Wife and dog
Graduate School
Blogging – reading blog posts – reading short stories
Investigating entrepreneurial endeavors
Writing short stories
Playing computer games
Watching television

If I was still job interviewing, entrepreneurial investigations would be much higher on the list, possibly even all the way up to second place. Writing short stories and playing computer games are in a very competitive race; they may switch positions at any time. I’m a little surprised how low television has fallen; I attribute this fall to the low quality of current offerings. I still occasionally watch with family members, but there is only one show remaining which I intentionally seek out and watch.

Post your own priority list in the comments section.
Do it now!


  1. Well, number of tags didn’t appear to be the problem. Even this post wasn’t good enough for fantasy.

    1. Number of tags can be a problem. Some of my earliest posts went into oblivion because they had like forty tags. But if there’s under about a dozen that should be fine.

      So I don’t know.

      1. I played with this in the past and found that 14 is the max allowed, although of course they could change the programming at any time…

  2. I’ve never checked my popularity based upon tags. I suspect it is an exercise in humility.

    1. As far as I know, popularity isn’t supposed to be a factor. It’s a list of posts under that tag/category in chronological order, with apparently at least one exception….

      The book review category appears to be more popular than fantasy, and I show up there every time I use the tag.

      Tags/categories are how I’ve found a lot of the blogs I follow, so I don’t like being left off this particular one.

      1. Interesting. It never even occurred to me to check this out. I found most of the blogs I follow via gravitars.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    I recommend The Americans (tv); what games are you playing?

    1. I play a lot of the “Total War” games. The one I’m now in the middle of, but have neglected for quite a while, is Shogun 2.

  4. I got all the references, and was hungry for more. Perhaps we should ditch the wives and head off to a pub… 🙂

    1. Maybe we can come up with an intro story involving Greek gods…

  5. WordPress tags and tag feeds have been screwing up quite a bit lately while they’ve been mucking with the new blog post interface. You might need to delete and re-add tags if they’re not showing up when your posts go live.

    1. Yes, I’ve thought of deleting the fantasy tag from my site, I’ll probably try that before my next post. If that doesn’t work, it’ll be off to the support forums again…

    2. Deleting the tag a few days before the post didn’t work, I’m still not good enough. I once had a “fantasy” category on my site before I renamed it to “epic fantasy”, so I may try restoring the original name. I think it’s likely I wasn’t good enough for fantasy even before the renaming, however.

  6. I got the references you mentioned here but as not-so-subtle I wondered if there were more that went over my head.

    1. I guess on the subtle side you could include my linking of Britain with impenetrable bureaucracy. I’ve never dealt directly with a British bureaucracy, but I’ve wasted many hours with the ones they left behind in their former colonies in Africa and Asia.

  7. Don’t know if I’m a bit late to jump on this comment thread, but could it be that perhaps fantasy tends to be a broader tag and more popular than science fiction?

    I mean, with Game of Thrones and superhero stuff, as well as a lot of kids films like Disney Princess stuff (and horror is often tagged as fantasy). I think a lot more people blog about fantasy related stuff than sci fi so perhaps that’s why you don’t end up at the top. Perhaps what we can learn here is fantasy is not the best tag choice!

    1. No, I just recently got this straightened out. Somehow I ended up with two tags called fantasy on my list, and when I deleted them and created a new fantasy category, it started working again…

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