Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late) to all my readers in the USA. My aunt and uncle drove 12 hours to visit us, and we ate the traditional huge meal. I didn’t take a photo of the huge meal, but here’s some Indian corn I grew in my garden:

Indian Corn 25

In an ear of corn, each kernel is the result of fertilization by a different pollen grain. My ears obviously didn’t get fully pollinated. I blame the squirrels who thinned out my seeds and seedlings until there was a lot of distance between plants. It’s also possible that heavy rains knocked a lot of the pollen to the ground.

Looking at my two examples, it appears that the dark red kernel color was a dominant trait held by one of my plants. The other plant had a non-dominant trait for kernel color, thus the rainbow of colors contributed by the pollinating plants.

If you are interested in gardening, but think you have a black thumb, I have a recommendation for you: peppers, either Cayenne if you want some spice for cooking, or ornamental otherwise. My pepper plants shrugged off too much water, too little water, insects, and fungi. (They finally succumbed to a few days of freezing temperatures.) They produce many peppers per plant, although the pepper plants and their fruit take longer to mature than other popular garden plants.

Cayenne 25

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, and watch out for those crazy Christmas shoppers!


  1. That is definitely some gnarly looking corn!

  2. […] then succumbed to fungal attack, due to a shady garden location and a wet summer. I produced some pitiful indian corn, I believe due to pollen limitation after squirrels thinned out the seedlings. My Cayenne pepper […]

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