You may remember that I’ve interviewed author Paul Spence on this blog. His first novel is free for a few days at Amazon.

North of Andover

Yeah, I kinda figured that would get your attention… 🙂 Who doesn’t like free books?

revised_Remnant Cover_2-01

This Saturday through Wednesday (October 24-28), you can get a free digital edition of The Remnanton Amazon.

(Of course, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow it anytime, but this way you can keep it forever and read it again and again…)

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  1. Thanks! I’m always looking for fresh new voices in sci-fi.

  2. Hi!
    I couldn’t find a way to contact you, so I hope it’s okay to leave a comment 🙂
    I’d like to offer you a free copy of my book Sky Ghosts: All for One in exchange for a review at Amazon (and possibly Goodreads). If you enjoy reading it, you’ll also be able to read the rest of the series for free before release.
    Here’s the link
    Let me know if you’re interested!


    1. Alexandra, I have a bit of a reading backlog at the moment. If you’ll re-post your comment on my review policy page at then I’ll be likely to see it when I’m ready to pick up some new books.

  3. I’m late to the party, but thanks for letting us know of freebies 🙂

    I have Pearseus book 1 on free for a few days in November. Would you be interested in letting people know?

    1. Sure, just drop me a reminder when it gets close and I’ll do a reblog or other mention.

      1. That’s awesome; thank you 🙂

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