Award Categories

The final issue on which I’m seeking input: categories of awards.

Planetary Awards

We’ve announced a new science fiction / fantasy award, discussed who should be eligible to vote and when we should vote. Now, we tackle the issue of award categories.

Should different genres get their own awards, such as one set of awards for science fiction, one for high/epic fantasy, and another for urban fantasy/paranormal? This boils down to how much overlap there is in the interests of our voters. If voters are primarily interested in just one genre, they might find their votes always overwhelmed by a different voting group. The downside to separating the genres is that as the other factors listed below are included, the number of categories balloons. Also, do science fiction bloggers get to vote in fantasy categories?

Award categories for different lengths of work are traditional. Other awards use novel, novellla, novellete, and short story as categories. Novel is an obvious category to…

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