When to Vote?

The next issue in my series of brainstorming posts: when to vote?

Planetary Awards

This post continues the thread announcing a new science fiction / fantasy award, and discussing who should be eligible to vote. The next question is: when to vote?

If a book is released on December 31st, it’s unlikely many potential voters will have read it by January 1st. So, how long after the end of the year should we wait before the nominating/voting process begins?

Should there be a single vote for the winners, or should there be nominations, followed by voting on a reduced set of choices? Nominations bring attention to each of the nominees, as voters read and review them in preparation for the final vote. Nominations could also prevent a situation where eighty books each receive one vote while another book receives two. In that case, is the book with two votes really a winner?

How many nominees should move on to the final voting?…

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