Microfiction: Pills

In an earlier post, I linked to my six favorite microfiction stories at 101 Fiction.  The site opened to submissions again last month, and I decided to send in two stories of my own:  one fantasy, the other science fiction.  101 Fiction is running through a series of color themes, and this time “red” had to appear in all stories, in addition to the usual requirement of exactly 100 words, plus a one-word title.

One of my submissions may be accepted following some modifications.  The other was rejected, so I’ve decided to post it here:


I need pills. I used to have a doctor who wrote me twenty prescriptions to take to twenty different pharmacies, but the computers caught on. Then I had twenty different doctors, one prescription each, but the computers… I worked in pharmaceutical sales, to raid my sample case, until I got fired. Now I’m outside the drug company’s warehouse, waiting for the late shift workers to leave. I don’t want to kill the security guard, but I need pills. I have to lower my blood pressure, or when the moon turns full, I’ll see red, and many more people will die.


  1. Oh, hey, if you’re into this sort of thing, i’d recommend James Hutchings Two-Fisted Tweets: it’s a collection of pulp-noir flash fiction of 140 characters or less.

    1. I’ll have to check it out some time. My first thought is that 140 characters seems just too limiting.

  2. Your story – Loved the last 1/2 after the … – the 1st half was surprisingly too long.

    1. Oh, no! I managed to be boring in 50 words or less? That must be a record….

      In my defense: I wrote the story on a dark and stormy night.

      1. LOL – i like the effort! The end was getting my interest so I though you should know it is the best part. 🙂 I love to write as well and am in awe of writers. I read a lot but writing anything ‘big’ like a story is too hard for me. I am learning to edit – editing out a lot is good – kind of like my art where I tell the viewer too much because I have so much to say.

        1. I have a couple more of these microfictions to post on the blog, and in the future I might post some of my longer flash fictions. I’ve only written one short story so far, and I may put it on Amazon’s Kindle store some day, if I decide it’s good enough to be called “finished”.

  3. […] recently shared a microfiction story I wrote that was rejected by 101fiction.com, and now I’d like to share one that was accepted […]

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