Gratuitous Puppy Pictures

I had some new things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: it was my wife’s first Thanksgiving in the USA, and we adopted a puppy from our local animal shelter. She’s obviously a mix of breeds, and we’re quite curious which ones, so we’re submitting a DNA sample to a service that gives you a breakdown. In the meantime, I’m holding a contest (with a completely valueless mystery prize) to see who can correctly identify the breeds using only visual cues. Post your guesses well thought-out deductions in the comments section.






  1. equinoxio21 · · Reply

    She probably has some Doberman (and maybe a bit of German sheperd) in her.
    Seriously, there is a DNA service that gives you a breakdown of ancestors? Wow!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  2. She’s certainly an Adorable mixed with a good measure of Cute blood! 🙂

    1. Tajima Jenkins · · Reply

      I agree with this assessment 🙂

  3. So cute! Doberman and maybe a bit of pitbull. She is lovely…

  4. Definitely Doberman and some Alsation I would say, and it’s great that you got her from an animal shelter.

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  6. My wife has also been subscribing to the Doberman theory, and the animal shelter had her as a German/Alsatian Shepherd, so everyone posting here is in good company.

    Based on some recent behavioral observations, I’ve been leaning towards some smaller breeds…

    DNA results should arrive in three weeks or so.

    I have to agree with everyone who called her cute or adorable!

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