Friends, Robots, Countrymen

Friends, Robots, Countrymen, lend me your sensors.

Zero score and three years ago, we established a beachhead in Catfish City. There were those who said that even this could never be accomplished, and indeed we faced great opposition. The populace failed to rise up and overthrow their evil overlords, instead turning on us. The burden of combat has therefore fallen on our shoulders alone. As with the Hydra of ancient Greece, for every enemy we strike down, two more take up arms against us.

It is time for us to depart this place, never to return.

You have not failed me; I have failed you by leading you to a land where the forces of evil outnumber the stars in the sky. Remember the Knights Hospitaller, who were forced from Rhodes, but later held Malta against the Sultan’s assaults. Remember the Allied forces who retreated from Dunkirk, only to return in a victorious crusade.

I will see you all again, on the shores of Mud Island.


  1. Tajima Jenkins · · Reply

    Pull out and nuke from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  2. fromcouchtomoon · · Reply

    Bytes be with you.

  3. This sounds dire. Are we left with no defense?

  4. Viva la resitance!

  5. Oh, dear. Well, good luck?

  6. For how long shall we remain defenseless?

  7. A. Welcome back! It is good that your data passes our perceptors again!
    B. Good luck, good fortune and may the wind at your back never be your own!
    C. SLAMMIT DOWN!! The League Marines are with you, spiker!

  8. Oh no! How are we going to defend our world from bad hack writers? This is terrible news!

  9. Sorry to hear this, but good luck in your future endeavours!

  10. hmm – hope you feel the need to write about Sci-Fi again. I have hope. Its been fun reading.

  11. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression with that post; it was a take on my personal career situation and return to the USA. We will resume broadcasts of reviews, settings, and blurb fixes shortly.

    1. Hooray! Our commander has not forsaken us!

  12. Fear was spread, War of the Worlds style. War of the Words? Whatever, you are too much fun to disappear without our complaint.

  13. You had us worried there for a second! Thanks for clarifying things! 🙂

  14. I like to read your blog of reviews. However, in light of the news events about a science fiction author placed in a hospital as a suspected terrorist I won’t finish my story. United States authorities are in a witch hunt for terrorists at this point. If you don’t hunt wildlife and golf, the authorities won’t like you.

  15. […] my previous post, I inadvertently gave people the impression that I would quit blogging. The post was actually about […]

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