Who are you, and what do you want?

Perhaps it’s in my nature to categorize and organize things, so when I decided to put some other types of content on the web, I naturally created additional blogs to house them. Some of you may be readers of my non-fiction book reviews at Seven Cities of Paper or viewers of my travel photos at Alien Rover. I was considering adding yet another blog to my portfolio when I ran across this post on Sean Munger’s website. He spiced up his “boring author website” with articles about history, heavy metal music, and other things, and he seems very happy with the change.

I’ve been wondering whether I should stick to my one-blog-per-topic strategy, or whether some combinations are appropriate. So, I’ve created a poll to find out how well some of my personal interests mesh with those of my readers, as well as some other polls to learn more about the types of people who read the blog. Answer as many or as few of the polls as you like, and please post something in the comments section if you think it will be helpful. The first and last poll accept multiple answers, the others do not:


  1. At one point, I tried to combine my two blogs into one. It didn’t work well, and I lost a lot of readers. Now both blogs are separate again with their marginally different but different nonetheless topics.

    1. Wow, I’m really shocked to learn that. I was just browsing over your blogs, and it seems to me there would be a lot of overlap in users between a science fiction story site (http://tomorrownewsnetwork.com/) and a site of science articles with a sci-fi slant (http://planetpailly.wordpress.com/). If I decide to make some changes to the site, maybe I’ll dip my toe in the water instead of diving into the deep end.

      1. It seemed like such an obvious choice, but it really backfired on me. The Internet works in mysterious ways.

  2. I want to read your other blogs, but I don’t; I only read this one… because I’m too lazy to go to another page…

  3. Actually I should clarify – I only read your blog post as they come to me in my inbox… I should subscribe to the others…

  4. I write mostly (I’d say 75%) about writing, and the rest is all across the board, some personal stories, reviews of movies and TV shows, my observations about the business of publishing, weird things that my cats do, and so on.

    1. Thanks Misha. Perhaps I should add some new content types, but only on one post out of every four or five, rather than a 50/50 mix. This might enhance the site experience for some, while not being too boring for others.

  5. Hi – I went through your polls – I enjoy your take on books/movies I don’t know. I enjoyed hearing from you on my Sci-Fi reviews. I tend to avoid book reviews on books i didn’t like – as I know others will and I don’t see myself as a big critic. Your negatives tend to be hilarious and they have made me rethink writing about ones I don’t like. If I like a book I try to say why without spoilers. I’m not sure that translates well but I hate to give away the very thing that made the experience fun.

    1. I’ve seen a number of reviewers who only do positive reviews, and I don’t mind that. I enjoy critical reviews as well, as long as they are very specific; then I can decide if I don’t want to read that type of book, or if the reviewer’s concerns don’t bother me.

      I love spoiler-free reviews; I’ll usually stop reading a review if I realize it’s more of a plot summary than a discussion. I’ve adopted a middle ground myself, where I say a few non-spoiler things, then warn about the level of spoiler that’s below.

  6. I agree with Misha. Mix it up!

  7. I’m primarily interested in written stories, leaning toward hard science fiction, but I’m hardly a purist. Talk about relevant sciences, particularly biology and ecology — which get treated in hard science fiction almost as badly as, well, other sciences do — intrigues me because it’s a subject I don’t encounter much.

    1. My original idea was a series of articles about interesting animals, plants, and geographic locations on Earth. Preliminary poll results seem about 50/50 in favor of biology articles. So, I’m thinking I’ll modify my original idea, and try a couple of posts about broader topics in biology/ecology, but only as they might relate to alien races or ecosystems.

  8. […] an earlier post, I asked you to tell me about yourself and what you’d like to see on this blog in the future. This is a follow-up to share the poll results and announce some upcoming features. Please use the […]

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