First Radioactive Dung Beetle Award

Radioactive Dung Beetle II

It’s time for Planetary Defense Command’s first ever Radioactive Dung Beetle Award. So far this year, the blog has featured six stories awful enough to be balled up and rolled away by my dung beetles. Now, it’s time to choose the worst of the worst. This will be done in a democratic fashion; it’s your duty as a citizen of Earth to cast your vote.

The nominees are listed below. I don’t expect voters to read the stories before voting; the “dung beetle” certification marks them as not-to-be-read. However, I’ve posted a link to each story’s review, and some reasons for the dung beetle classifications.

Change by Design – horrible writing – silly premise – unlikely plot coincidence
New Beginnings (Vitalis) – knock knock. who’s there? penis!
The Is Shop – pointlessly random – no logic to character behavior or physical events.
Whipping Star – idiotic super-being – puns – lawyers facilitating end of sentient life – big hippie hug ending
Making a Gilling – no spell check – no proofreading – no topic research
Seventy – implausible science – head-scratching ending

Cast your vote today!

I haven’t set a date for the end of voting. When I detect a slowdown in votes being cast, I’ll close the poll and announce a winner. Feel free to post the reason for your vote in the comments section below.


  1. Tajima Jenkins · · Reply

    Tajima Jenkins has voted! All other votes are irrelevant! That is all.

  2. I feel like you did the greatest service defending our planet from “New Beginnings (Vitalis).” However, I’m grateful to you for your efforts against all of these books.

  3. Emilio Pasquale · · Reply

    I only read your synopsis of Change By Design so far. I will have to come back to read the others before I vote but just wanted you to know I agree with James. The service you provide is invaluable!

  4. Emilio Pasquale · · Reply

    OK, penis wins. It was neck and neck with Star Whipping only because I would have expected more from Frank Herbert.

    1. I didn’t end up voting myself, because I couldn’t decide between those two.

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