Seven Cities of Paper

I’ve created a second blog; it is similar to this one except it is for non-fiction, primarily history books. If you have any interest in non-fiction/history, check it out at

Here at Planetary Defense Command, I try to shine a light on lesser-known writers, focusing on short stories to increase the number of authors spotlighted. At Seven Cities of Paper, my readings will be more “mainstream”, typically books produced in audiobook format. Perhaps in the future, I’ll take an interest in lesser-known history books as well.

I expect that my average rating will be higher for history books than for science fiction stories; I generally feel that if a history book is written in a dull or annoying manner, it still has value in its information, but a fictional work which is not entertaining has no value. My non-fiction ranking system is different from the one I use here; I basically rank books by the type of person I’d recommend a book to: from everyone to serious history buffs only.

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