Computer Game: Grim Dawn

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On a recent inspection tour of North American defenses, I played an alpha version of Grim Dawn. Although I enjoyed the game, I’m not giving it a rating, as I only played it briefly, and it wasn’t a finished product.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Victorian Britain. It is an adventure/roleplaying game; I was going to briefly describe this genre, but instead decided to put together a graphic:

hack and slash 2 50

In addition to adequately summarizing the genre, this graphic also points out that I should not be allowed to use image editing software without supervision.

Normally this isn’t my preferred type of game; I was drawn to Grim Dawn because it uses the game engine from Titan Quest, a game I enjoyed in the past. Titan Quest drew me in with its settings based on ancient Greek, Egyptian, and other Mythologies.

In Titan quest, I fought centaurs, minotaurs, yetis, and mummies using swords, spears, and even a leg ripped off a giant insect. In Grim Dawn, I used muskets, rifles, and pistols to exterminate blood-engorged giant mosquitos, and carried a hatchet that was perfect for splitting zombie skulls. If you’re familiar with Titan Quest and enjoyed it, I suspect you’ll like Grim Dawn as well; the gameplay experiences are very similar.

My only disappointment with Grim Dawn was the reduced number of character classes. Both Titan Quest and Grim Dawn have an interesting feature allowing your character to combine the skills of two different classes. My favorite Titan Quest characters included a swordsman who was also an expert at bashing with his shield, and a hunter who also used poison and other assassin techniques. There were nine different classes to combine in Titan Quest, but the version of Grim Dawn that I played had only four that I remember. A quick internet search tells me that they are working to add two more; I hope they’ll follow through. The game is still being updated, but is now available for purchase on Steam.


  1. Tajima Jenkins · · Reply

    Hooray for Steam Early Access!

  2. Grim Dawn actually looks pretty fun. Nice article!

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