Review: From the Ice Incarnate

from the ice


I am using my psychic powers to tap into my readers’ thoughts: “Your entire purpose in life is to rate things, and you chose ‘unrated’? You are lazy and pathetic. Is this what my planetary defense taxes are paying for?”

Wait, let me explain!

This story is a vivid description of two people being revived from cryogenic sleep after a space voyage. I could really empathize with the characters. From the memories (or pseudo-memories) of being frozen, to the shock of being thawed, through the lingering after-effects, I felt like I was there experiencing it.

So, with such excellent writing, why don’t I give the story a top rating? If it had been a longer work, I suspect I might have. My problem is that the entire plot can be expressed in four words: two people wake up. So, I’m stuck: I can’t give the story a poor rating because I loved the writing, but I can’t give the story a great rating because it’s too light on plot.

If I understand correctly, this story was originally a standalone work, but has now been folded into a novel: Genesis Earth.

Will I read Genesis Earth? Probably not. “What is wrong with you? You just said that the author’s writing was excellent.” Sorry, I forgot to shut down my psychic receptors. Genesis Earth has two main characters, a young man and a young woman; I’m afraid the story might take a turn towards the romantic. I am completely uninterested in romance and/or erotica. That’s what she said.

If you are tolerant of – or enjoy – such things then Genesis Earth is probably worth checking out.


  1. Good science fiction review. I will be back often!

  2. Wow, nice review that made me go to Amazon immediately. And to my surprise, it was $0. So I “bought it” and I am looking forward to a quick read.

    1. I hope you enjoy the writing style as much as I did. Let me know what you think. I have a couple of additional stories I’ll be giving high ratings in the future, although if I keep posting reviews in order (by when they were read), it will be 6 or 7 weeks before I post them.

  3. I have often thought I would like to give 4 word plot descriptions. You totally beat me to it. Fun review. Nice blog. Carry on!

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