@PlanDefCom on twitter

Planetary Defense Command now has a twitter account:

The twitter account’s purpose is to allow non-wordpress users to follow the PDC; all of the story reviews will continue to appear here. I’m experimenting with some additional content on twitter that doesn’t need a full blog post:
1) Lists of upcoming story reviews
2) Running totals of stories by rating category

I’d appreciate any additional suggestions for twitter content; I am completely new to the site. I once thought that twitter’s name was derived from the fact that it would ring your phone every time one of your friends ‘tweeted’. I am still confused by the character limit; it’s as if they are bandwidth constrained, yet they allow users to attach photos.


  1. I’m a late bloomer, but I started using the shorter links with Bitly.com….it’s free and it gives you more room on your twitter post. It also saves what you’ve shortened in case you want to send it out again later.

    1. Thanks, I’ll definitely do that if my posts are running up to the character limit.

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