What am I looking at?

I thought I’d look at some other blogs which do book reviews, and I ran across this insane text posing as a book review.

At first, I assumed it was an automated system for writing book reviews, but then I realized any self-respecting programmer would pull the plug. My second thought was “drugs”, but that’s my response to any human behavior I don’t understand, so that’s too easy. I also considered the possibility that it’s a secret system for terrorists to send messages back and forth, but decided that they could probably make something less likely to draw attention. My best current guess is that someone has used a truly horrible translation engine to create the English on the page. Here’s a tip if you don’t understand the language you’re translating into: feed the translated text into the engine, and reverse the translation. If what you get back is total nonsense, then your translation was AT LEAST half nonsense.


  1. Tajima Jenkins · · Reply

    Yeah, that looks like a Chinese/Japanese translation gone bad.

  2. They also spelled blogger wrong in their title/name, they spelled bloger instead. That’s why people should just write in their first language instead of trying (and failing) to translate it into another.

  3. Lola Lariscy · · Reply

    It’s probably a social experiment to find out how many people would read the article just for gawking purposes. They probably tabulate how many hits and how long each viewer stayed on the page. I just put another check in their “stupid gawker” category.

    1. Ack. Who would do that? Advertisers trying to see how many people will look at total garbage?

      1. Lola Lariscy · · Reply

        It’s all about the numbers to them!

  4. MrMasochist · · Reply

    Haha weird

  5. I think you’re right and they’ve either translated it or else English is just not their first language 😉

  6. O_o What on Earth…

  7. It does seem like the profession a character in a Ballardian story, like in Vermillion Sands, might have, doesn’t it? I mean shifting book reviews from one language to another until they ended up not quite being in any language.

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