Planetary Defense Command is now operational

Amazon’s Kindle store currently has 62,597 science fiction titles.  If you pull up a list or run a search on those titles, works by popular authors naturally come up first.  I’ve created this blog to help newer authors by pointing out stories I’ve enjoyed, and to help readers by pointing out stories that should be skipped.  Due to time constraints, many of my reviews will be of short stories, but authors who publish short stories often do so in order to promote novels.

I will also review books I purchase in audiobook format.  There are many times when I need to keep my eyes on something, so I can’t read, but I can listen.  I listen to science fiction as well as books about history and current events.  I may also write reviews of computer games, movies, or other things that are of interest to science fiction fans.  I will not discuss politics or my profession.  Planetary Defense Command is based in a location (codename: Catfish City) where it is not safe to discuss politics.

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  1. […] my blog’s first post, I mentioned that 62,597 science fiction titles were available at Amazon’s Kindle store. That […]

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